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Francis Willoughby (b. 1613, d. April 3, 1671)
Francis Willoughby (son of William Willoughby and Elizabeth) was born 1613 in Charleston, Middlesex, England, and died April 3, 1671. He married (1) Mary. He married (2) Sarah Taylor. He married (3) Margeret Locke Taylor.

Includes NotesNotes for Francis Willoughby:
He came to New England in 1638 and was Deputy Governor of Mass. Bay Colony, active in the forming of the Party of Resistance when the colonists were divided into two parties. In 1664, the King appointed a commission to visit new England. When Bradstreet urged that the King's perogative gave him power to summon them back to England, Francis Willoughby reminded him that they must consider God's displeasure as well as the King's, their own interests, and that of God's things as well as the King's perogative (Danforth papers - p. 99)

page found in history
"History of the Ancient and Honorable Artillary Company of Massachusetts
by Oliver Ayer Roberts
Historian of the Company
Volume 1, 1637-1738
publ. Boston 1895

p. 98
FRANCIS WILLOUGHBY (1639) of Charlestown, Aug. 22, 1638, called by Hutchinson's gentleman from England, was a son of William Willoughby, who was a "colonel of the city" of London. Francis Willoughby (1639) was a native of Kent, and had been for some time a commander of a vessel. He joined the First Church in Charlestown, Oct. 19, 1639, and became a freeman May 13, 1640. He was representative from Charlestown in 1642, 1648, and 1649; was chosen assistant in 1650, 1651, and 1664; was elected deputy governor in 1665, and held that office until his death, April 3, 1671, when Gen. John Leverett (1639) succeeded him.

In 1641, he, with others, invested largely in real estate in Charlestown, and built warehouses and wharves, and "prayed the court" to appoint charges wof warfare, portage and storage. His wharves were on each side of the ferry ways, and his ship yard on the site of Fitchbur Railway depot, or on Warren Avenue, where, in 1641, he was engaged in building a ship.

He went to England in 1651, and remained nearly eleven years. In 1652, he was appointed commissioner of the navy at Portemouth, and in 1658-1659 was a member of the British Parliament.

In 1662, when it was desired by the General Court of Massachusetts Bay to congratulate King Charles upon his restoration, a letter was written to herbert Pelham (1639), Nehemiah Bourne (1638), Francis Willoughby (1639) and others, in London, asking them to supply the commissioners, upon their arrival, with such funds as they might require on account of the colony.

His widow, Margaret, married 2/8/1675, Capt. Laurence Hammond (1666) of Charlestown. Francis Willoughby (1639) left a large estate, for those times, being estimated at over four thousand pounds.

He was ensign of the Artillery Company in 1643. The Artillery Company doubtless joined in the funeral honors which were paid on the 7th of April, to Deputy Gov. Francis Willoughby.

"1671, April, Mr. Francis Willoughby, Deptuy Governor of Massachusetts Colony died. He desired to be buried one foot deep and to have ye top of his grave plain, only covered with the turfs of grass"
--Bradstreet's Journal.

Eleven foot companies were in attendance at this funeral "with the doleful noise of trumpets and drums, in their mourning posture, three volleys of shots discharged, answered with loud roaring of the great guns, ending the heavens with noise at the love of so great a man"
--Noadish Adams

Note: The numerals in parentheses denote the year that a man served in the Artillery Company.
Authorities for Francis Willoughby (1639):
New England Hist. and Gen. Reg. 1876, 1880
Frothingham's Hist. of Charlestown
Wyman's Genealogies and Estated of Charlestown, Vol. LL;
Hurd's Hist. Middlesex Co., Vol. L

More About Francis Willoughby:
Freeman: May 13, 1640
Immigration: 1638, New England.
Occupation 1: 1650, Assistant.
Occupation 2: Merchant and Magistrate.
Occupation 3: June 9, 1642, Representative.
Occupation 4: 1665, Deputy Governor.
Residence: 1638, Charleston.

Children of Francis Willoughby and Mary are:

Jonothan Willoughby, b. 1635, England, d. date unknown.

Children of Francis Willoughby and Sarah Taylor are:

+Nehemiah Willoughby, b. June 18, 1644, d. November 6, 1690.
Sarah Willoughby, d. date unknown.
Hannah Willoughby, d. date unknown.
Jeremiah Willoughby, d. date unknown.
William Willoughby, d. date unknown.

Children of Francis Willoughby and Margeret Locke Taylor are:

Nathanial Willoughby, d. 1663.
Susannah Willoughby, d. date unknown.
Willoughby, Deputy Governor Francis (I4811)
3 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1619)
Check for duplicate census records - Frank Litton and Dennis Litton may be confused
Litton, Dennis Franklin (I4552)
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17 Banks, Ray, comp.. World War I Civilian Draft RegistrationsSource (S72)
18 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I566)
19 Clemens, William Montgomery. American Marriage Records Before 1699. Pompton Lakes, NJ, USA: Biblio Co., 1926. Source (S315)
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Mantle, Mayme Leona (I2209)
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Vossen, Robert William (I2429)
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44 Died in Infancy - Possibly at age 3
Banks, Mattie (I1369)
45 DOB in question DOD in question
Miller, Mary (I3599)
46 Dodd, Jordan, Liahona Research, comp. Massachusetts, Marriages, 1633-1850. With some noted exceptions all marriage records in this collection can be found at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, and may be available through Family History Centers throughout the United States. See table below for information listed. Source (S299)
47 Donald LaRue Wednesday, December 2, 2009 Marshall Democrat-News Donald J. LaRue, 69, died Monday, Nov. 30, 2009, in Lee's Summit. Cremation planned. Born July 4, 1940, in Quincy, Ill., he was the son of Lloyd and Mary LaRue, both of whom preceded him in death. He is survived by a sister, Wanda Bowman of Chattanooga, Tenn. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his wife, Virginia (Weeks) LaRue in 1993.
Larue, Donald J (I3634)
48 Memorial # ≮A HREF="" target="_blank" ≯ 95403815 ≮ /A ≯ To view, click on the number. Mantle, Joseph Clifford (I2319)
49 First Census of the United States, 1790 (NARA microfilm publication M637, 12 rolls). Records of the Bureau of the Census, Record Group 29. National Archives, Washington, D.C. Source (S256)
50 George S. Mantle and his family came to America in 1848. They sailed from Liverpool, England on September 23, 1848 on the Sail Boat "Sailor Prince", and landed at New Orleans on November 20, 1848. They came to St Louis, Missouri, and settled a short time at Tower Grove in St Louis. Then they all went to Osage County to the community of Vosholl, near Linn, Missouri. In 1873, George Mantle Jr, Joseph Mantle, and their families came to the state of Illinois. George settled in O'Fallon, and Joseph settled in Troy. John William, Mariah, and James David stayed in Osage County, Missouri. (From the True LD Saints' Herald Vol. 24, page 223) ...DIED - Near Linn, Osage Co.Missouri June 9th, 1877 after a long and painful illness, Elder Geo. S. Mantle, age 72 years, 5 months, and 19 days. He was born in 1805 in Shropshire, England; obeyed the gospel in 1846, emigrated to this country in 1847[?], and was baptized into the Reorganization, August 8th, 1865.... Also, "Near Linn, Osage Co., MO., August 15th, 1876 Sr. Maria Mantle, wife of elder George Mantle, age not known. She united with the church in 1846 in Staffordshire, England; she united with the Reorganized Church at Linn, MO, August 8th, 1865..." (Vol 23, page 543)
Mantle, George S Sr. (I1434)

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